Year-End Celebrations with PAIO – your guide to the perfect Party Wear!

Year-End Celebrations with PAIO – your guide to the perfect Party Wear!


Year-End Celebrations with PAIO – your guide to the perfect Party Wear!

10th November 2021 | Posted By PAIO

It’s almost the end of 2021! Can you believe it? The start of a new year is an indication of new beginnings and fresh starts but not without celebrating and being grateful for closed chapters, lessons learned, and time spent. 

Regardless of how you plan to celebrate the end of 2021, there's no denying you need a solid ensemble to mark the occasion. Perhaps that’s your go-to dress-and-heels combo, or maybe it’s a more toned-down look consisting of jeans and your favorite blouse. While anything you wear will undoubtedly work, if you want to make it foolproof, you should invest in a SOLID pair of shoes. Because come on—what outfit is complete without the perfect pair. Read on for our Ever-So-Simple guide to your Killer Outfits this party Season.


Fuss Free Flats

  • Meredith Shell Knot Sliders: Knotted Flats with Shell detailing – Our new favorite at PAIO. Part of the WRxPAIO collection, these cream flats are a classy and easy piece to wear. Style them under anything under the sun and they’ll guarantee to look good. The knot and shell detailing add a character to the pair. These unique pair of slip-on flats
  • Emel Pink Flats: These Emel Pink Velvet Flats are the comfiest pair you will find and exactly what you need. Easy to walk around in, these are a perfect pair with their detailing not only for your home but also for your occasional stepping out. The subtle print on the shoe adds so much detail to the look. These slip-on flats are so easy to wear and style! These flats can be paired with multiple outfits whether it’s a white maxi or trousers, anything to add to your chill NYE. This pair is handcrafted and truly one of a kind. This pair is beautifully Indian with a Bohemian vibe. Unbelievably comfortable, this pair is your best friend this season!
  • Pyril Lilac Flats: Hello, statement-making lace-ups! Your feet will be the center of attention in these strappy sandals from our Deme collection. They are super lightweight and easy to wear and not to forget, so comfortable and dreamy! The soft lilac makes it stand out as well as blend in according to your outfit. The detachable straps can dramatize your look with just a tie or keep it casual without the straps. You can lace them high up your calf or you can keep the lace-up action closer to your ankle—it's up to you! Wrap them as far up as you can go for a more dramatic look. You can pair them with flowy dresses, casual jeans, or even skirts. Too many possibilities!
  • Willow White Sandals:  The most comfortable and cushiony sandals are our Willow White Cork Sandals! These sandals are a game-changer in your fashion wardrobe. We bet you can’t say no to a pair of vegan shoes that is the right blend of comfort and style. The dual straps, round toe, an open back, everything is just perfect about these flat sandals. Pair it up with your favorite jeans or under your dresses and amp up your fashion game. Give your outfit an elegant look with these white sandals that will bring up your style game in an instant! These are the perfect replacement for your white sneakers.


Trendy Browns

  • Brea Brown Flats: The most hassle-free pair of footwear you would come across and it is equally classy. You can style this in multiple ways or even wear it while running out the door and they would guarantee still look great! This brown color is not just trendy but an amazing neutral which makes it easy to pair with multiple outfits. Perfect to dance in all night whether it's at a house party or in a club. Pair them with a nice dress or even a top and jeans and you’re good to go. 
  • Marina Brown Heels: A solid pair of heels thanks to the backstrap that makes it comfortable to wear and the neutral color blocking which makes it blend in when needed and stand out when needed. Wear these PAIO heels with a full white outfit and let them do all the talking. You can also easily play around with multiple outfit options without worrying about being comfortable in heels. Wear this brown pair this season for a Killer statement outfit.
  • Natalie Brown Snakeprint Heels: Animal Prints have been here for a while and are here to stay! These brown snake print heels are the perfect piece to make a statement. Pair them with any neutral color whether it's black, white, brown, or beige and they’ll stand out for sure! They provide the necessary amount of OOMPH and DRAMA needed in an outfit. The thong strap, backstrap, and short heel ensure comfort while the print and color ensure style. So easy and comfortable to use!
  • Riley Brown Boots: If classy had a representation in footwear, our Riley brown heel boots would've qualified. Opt-in for these if you’re looking for a strong and impactful way to add some height under a dress or with extra-long cuffed jeans. These boots are sturdy, comfortable and the dark brown color stands out. The heels give the perfect amount of height to a person without making it uncomfortable to walk in. Make your outfits STAND OUT with these statement boots.


The Classics

  • Eleanor Black: Everyone is in the search of the right pair of black high heels and our Eleanor Black stilettos are the answer. Tie them up in different ways or with different colors and make your unique style statement by buying these women's heels online from PAIO right away. You can pair these statement yet classic pieces with any of your festive looks! They are comfortable and easy to style. Pair them with gorgeous LBDs or even under your trousers with statement tops. The black attachment is there to add to your outfit. In case you want to stand out just switch the attachment to Red or Orange and you’re good to go.
  • Khloe Nude Heels: In a time where sustainability and fashion-conscious people are growing, both can grow hand in hand if we focus on the classics that last you a long long time! One such classic is the Khloe nude heel. Extremely stylish and classic this is an essential piece to have in your closet. An investment to cherish for a lifetime! Amazing if you want to look elongated and classy instantly. It upgrades your casual outfits and even subtly amps up your more formal looks. Having a pair of heels in a neutral color that you can wear to any heel-worthy event is a rite of passage as a woman. 
  • Charlotte White Heels: Not about the height and you want to keep your heel as tiny as possible? Presenting these white mules. Add these fashionable and classic pair of white mule heels for women in your closet. Fun for a night out, these interesting pair of heels can be worn with all outfits because of their transparent block heel. You can party in these comfortable heels at the night as well as go on a breakfast date in them in the morning. Versatile, comfortable, and classic defines these pair of mules, perfect for a whole season of parties!
  • Stella Beige Stiletto: In a hurry? Simply slide into the Stella Beige Stiletto Mule without thinking much and you can never go wrong with it. Imagine having go-to footwear for possibly all occasions? These neutral-toned solid stilettos with double cushioning not just make you look modish but also make you feel comfortable. A staple from the collection of DEMExPAIO, these open-back heels with a square toe are easy to wear and easier to style. A must-have piece in one's closet, these Stella Beige Stiletto Mules are one of a kind. They can be paired with absolutely all outfits thanks to the beige and the gold accent heel! 


The Standouts

  • Adia Gray Heels: Our Adia heels come with a unique round heel with a gold chain detailing on the top, which is perfect to wear to parties. The heel is small which makes it so comfortable and your perfect dance partner. You are bound to stand out with this pair due to its round heel. These heels are slip-on and comfortable. They can be paired with dresses, pants, skirts, or whatever else you would want. So versatile and easy to style!
  • Leslie Neon Heels: An unusual choice for a unique personality like yours, these neon block heels – they are so trendy and stand out in a crowd. Perfect for color blocking! Some prominent combinations that can be done are wearing these block heels with a strong Pink/Navy/Red outfit. Trust us when we say, when you wear this combo all eyes in the room will be on you. The straps, sole, and heel make the shoe so comfortable, and the standout color makes you stand out! Try them this New Year Eve!
  • Nola Mint Green Heels: Kitten heels in pastel hues! The pair is an aesthetic in itself. Our Nola Mint Green Heels come with accents of lilac and come in a kitten heel. Pair them with whites or use them to color block with your favorite pastels. Kitten Heels and the double cushioning make them comfortable to wear. This pair is versatile, easy to wear, and style! 

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