4 must-have work shoes for women

4 must-have work  shoes for women

One shoe can change your life!

In our case, we'll suggest 4 shoes that every woman should own! Don’t know what to wear with your formal pants or blazer suit? We’ve got you covered.

Here are 4 styles every office goer should own.

Basic Ballets: Agree or not but a basic ballet is a must in your closet. They can be paired with almost anything and everything. They provide great comfort and are easy to wear. A pair of black ballets can be paired with a lot of outfits in various colours. Shop ballet flats online from PAIO.

Block Heels: When we talk about must-have work shoes, heels are the first option that pops in our head. Their chunky base makes it easy to be on your feet and walk around because it provides more stability than shoes with thinner heels.

Classic Loafers:A classic black loafers are a staple for your formal attire.They are super versatile and comfortable and can be paired with blazer suits. You can ace any formal look with a pair of classy loafers and it can also go with your after office events

Platforms: Platforms can help to achieve the same effect of elongating your legs and adding a few inches to your height without the blisters high heels provide. With platforms, there are no limitations to your outfit. They look as good paired with shorts and a top as they do with party dresses.

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