How To Wear The Platform Shoe!

How To Wear The Platform Shoe!

How To Wear The Platform Shoe!

March 29, 2018 | Posted By PAIO

The PLATFORM shoe! The rage in the 90's! The shoe that instantly elevates you and make you feel sexier! We love platforms! They make your legs look longer, almost magically! Platform sandals, slip on platforms and oxford platforms are in trend today! Here are some of our PAIO favs:

1. Morgan :

These Powerful Three tone color block platforms are a personal favorite! They are quirky, fun and full of spirit! A white base, brown back ankle strap and a lovely pop of pink make these platforms a must have in your closet!

Team these platforms with dresses, long skirts with slits or wear them with jeggings and flowy overalls. Your perfect companion for the summer – Versatile and Sexy!

2. Berry and blanc :

We love oxfords! They are classy, modern and have a boyish charm to them! So lets add a little height to them!

We bring you our Derby Platform shoes in Rose Gold and oxford platform shoes in Bright white!

They are one of a kind platform shoes that add a whole lot more to your outfit! While sky-high boots or heels may seem intimidating, platform shoes are comfortable to wear throughout the day!

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3. Ding :

Sometimes all you want is some comfort, ease of wear while wearing heels! Is that too much to ask for? Not at all!

DING is here – the coolest, quirkiest, hot silver and white mule platform shoe.

Slip into these beauties and you’ve got yourself a keeper! Pair them up with casual deans or dress them up in traditional outfits. The comfort of a shoe with a bit of height!

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