How To Walk In High Heels Without Toppling Over?

How To Walk In High Heels Without Toppling Over?

How To Walk In High Heels Without Toppling Over?

March 28, 2018 | Posted By PAIO

We love those high heels. The stiletto that arches your shoe, instantly making you feel taller, stand straighter making you more confident! While we not a stickler for wearing high heels on a daily basis, we do wear them pretty often! They’re a great wear to boost up a casual outfit and add a whole lot of glam to a dress!

But they’re also difficult to walk in (especially when you’re not used to wearing them). So here are some tips to break into those high heels and fall in love with wearing them!

Tip 1: Break into them!

If you’re not used to wearing high heels, don’t buy that towering 5-inch stiletto. Opt for a smaller heel. You could start by wearing 2 to 3 inch stiletto heels. Once you’re comfortable in that added height, you can gradually work your way up!

Tip 2: Baby Block’s

The thicker the heel, the easier to walk! In general, the thin stiletto heel makes it difficult to balance. In a block heel, the heel covers more ground space, giving your foot more stability and you more confidence.

Tip 3: Option for a Platform Heel

A platform is an added height in the front of a heel. This added height reduces the arch on your foot, whilst allowing you to wear a higher heel! A 4-inch stiletto heel with a 1-inch platform, will feel like you’re walking on a 3-inch heel, which is more reasonable!

Tip 4: A proper size

When it comes to heels, remember this standard rule – THE SHOE MUST FIT You cannot buy a shoe that is slightly loose or slightly tight. Find that perfect fit. When the high heel grips your foot, you feel more balanced and are able to walk better.

Tip 5: Heel First

When walking in high heels, the heel of the shoe must touch the ground before the remaining sole. This will ensure you get a good grip and are able to walk without a wobble.

Tip 6: Wedges are your best friends.

If you are a first timer, buy yourself a good pair of wedge heels. Wedges feel like flats, but look like heels. Most wedges come with extra arch support. This gives your foot a lesser arch while adding more height to your look. They are the most comfortable heels to walk in and a good starting point.

Tip 7: - Rough soles

Make sure the sole of the high heel you purchase is sturdy and rough. A rough sole will give you a better grip on the ground, thus making sure you don’t slip.

Tip 8: Practice

Now that you have your high heels, practice practice practice. Then practice some more. Try wearing those high heels around the house. Walk up a flight of stairs in them. Wear them while cooking or answering the door. The more your walk in them, the more comfortable you get. No one was born knowing how to walk in high heels – you try, practice and train yourself! Because trust us – they’re worth it!

Do you have any additional tips? We would love to know more! Please do add your comments in the section below!

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