Blast From The Past – Vintage Fashion Trends To Look Out For!

Blast From The Past – Vintage Fashion Trends To Look Out For!

Blast From The Past – Vintage Fashion Trends To Look Out For!

April 24, 2020 | Posted By PAIO

Fashion is ever changing with new designs, trends and styles every season. What’s new suddenly becomes passé as a new idea comes forth. However, every once in a while, these classic styles make a comeback with a modern twist to it and we love to call these styles – Vintage.

1. Scallops –

Scallops are a classic – add these funky loops to any shoe and it gives them a new twist. Single colour or multi colour, these scallops were added to boots, mary-janes, pumps and even sliders. A re-invention of the classic scalloped boot can be found at PAIO. With deep two-tone shades, these boots can be styled with a variety of outfits, making them an instant customer favourite.

2. Platform Shoes –

This is one style that has made various rounds of the fashion circle. With platforms that went as high up as 5 inches in the 90’s to the more subtle ones with 2 inches, this is one trend that we cant seem to get enough of. Most platforms today are added to give an extra height to the wearer & can be found through a number of styles from sliders, oxfords, sandals to pumps & heels.

3. Dads Shoes –

The sneaker fever from the 80’s is making a comeback – with bulky soles & pop colours giving many an impression of their dads from the 80’s donning trendy designs & colours. These chucky sneakers are adding a cool edge & a new vibe to retro fashion.

4. Kitten Heels –

Its quite possible that with the shift in mind-set, many women are now experiencing stiletto fatigue. These uncomfortable high-heels have a taken a back seat to chic 1-2 inch kitten heels. These heels not only add grace & elegance but they’re also comfortable to don throughout the day.

5. Mary-Janes –

One can’t think of Vintage styles without remembering a classic pair of Mary-janes. This style was a classic with school children & with women. Not only were they uber comfortable with the strap providing great foot support, they were also stylish and very easy to pair with many outfit ideas. This Vintage style never truly went out of fashion & is definitely making a comeback in a great way.

6. Penny Loafers –

These pretty loafers are just what every working woman in the world hunts for. These classic beauties are a beautiful merge between men’s working shoes with a feminine twist. Their all round comfort makes them a must have Vintage style.

7. Mules –

If you haven’t got a pair yet, its time to invest in them. These are by far the most comfortable pair of shoes ever crafted. With classic styles, tassels & scallops, these mules can transform from Vintage to Modern.

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