6 Must Haves In Your Wardrobe!

6 Must Haves In Your Wardrobe!

6 Must Haves In Your Wardrobe!

March 27, 2018 | Posted By PAIO

High heels, pumps, wedges and boots! We love them and we want them all! But lets face it; we can’t wear them all! We’re busy women! We have hundred things to do throughout the day! And as much as we would like, we can run these errands in sky-high heels! So its time to set the foundation right! Here are 6 PAIO essentials for ALL your occasions - from running errands to Saturday night parties! These are the 6 pairs for the long term - your closet companions for getting you through the year!

< class="paio-para spl-bold">1. The Summer Slipper :>

Sandals are the chicest way to hustle around town. They are simple, classy, and go with almost any outfit.With over hundred designs and colour variations, these are a must have in your closet. Tan sandals are delightful on your feet and a PAIO necessity.

Shop this shoe here - Kokni Silver Flat Sandals

2. Your office to dinner pair :

A work-wear shoe that is uber chic, sophisticated, formal yet perfect for a dinner event. Feminine, round toe, block heels… YES! A classy pair of court shoes is a worthy investment. There are no limitations when it comes to styling this design.

Shop this shoe here - Noir Court Heels With Studs

3. Classic ballet :

Its time to go nude! Right now! Get yourself a pair of nude ballet flats. Cost per wear on these flats is amazing as they double up as office casuals, daily wear shoes or are suitable for a relaxed dinner with friends or family!

Shop this shoe here - Davis Patent Ballet Flats

4. Ethnic essentials :

With wedding season throughout the year, we need a good pair of Kolhapuri heels for every occasion. However, we suggest you add a bit of a twist to those regular Kolhapuri chappals. Get them in high heels and in different colors! These are perfect for all your wedding occasions and double up as office casuals as well!

Shop this shoe here - Kiki Beige Kolkapuri Stilettos

5. Cork Wedges :

wedge sandal is your safety net. Not sure what to pair with that dress? Or the skirt? It’s a good pair of wedges! These white and tan wedges are perfect for all formal to casual outings. These colors are versatile and can be paired with a lot of outfit choices.

Shop this shoe here - Oriana White And Tan Sandal Wedges

6. Winter love :

You can bet on a bootie! There’s something so chic about a boot! They’re stunning to wear on dresses and keep your feet warm during cool weather! We love these mule ankle boots! Covered from the front yet giving you the ease of wear with an open back! A boot for all seasons!

Shop this shoe here - Joyce Beige Slip On Mule Boot

Shop any 6 pairs from PAIO in a span of 6 months and get a handcrafted customized pair on the house!

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